The Portrait Series 6/52 and Eye Ointment Photography

The flood damaged parks are starting to reopen.And someone is excited about getting back in the swing of things.
We are only six weeks in and I have already realised that my photographs are very repetitive…it looks like we do a lot of swinging and a lot of eating fruit on the front verandah!This is a bit of a misrepresentation as we do many things other than swing and eat fruit! I suppose that when we are doing those other things I don’t have a free hand to snap photos!Speaking of wanting to take photos but not having a free hand, I would like to introduce Mother Down Under’s newest sponsor…Monika from Eye Ointment Photography.She is read more

The Portrait Series 5/52

Cheeky little watermelon eating monkey!
Eating watermelon is always an outside activity around these parts.I think you can see why.It always involves a hose down of Toddler C and of the front verandah and often of me!And I wish the slice of watermelon wasn’t out of the photograph…it had to be at least as big as his head!
As always, I am linking up with Jodi and hundreds of others over read more

The Portrait Series 4/52

Three of his favourite things…being outside, rocks and cars.I love Toddler C’s hands.I love that they are still chubby and covered in dimples and yet are so capable.I love watching him use his hands to play, to explore, to hold and to cuddle.I hope that you had a lovely week and that you enjoy your weekend!Happy Australia Day!As always, I am linking up with Jodi and hundreds of others over read more

The Portrait Series 3/52

An early morning moment…barely awake, enjoying strawberries on the front stoop.
I found it really difficult to choose a photo this week.I think part of it is that I am back at work and so I have less time to share with Toddler C. The time that I do have to share with him we generally spend out and about so there have been fewer slow, easy moments at home when I can pull out my iPhone and click away.The other part of it is that I couldn’t wait and have already shared so many photos on Facebook and Instagram! I must learn to be patient and to keep a favourite for Saturday!I hope that read more

The Portrait Series 2/52

It has been so hot in Brisbane the only thing to do is to spend the day at the pool…and splash!
How have you been keeping cool?And just for a little photography information, I use my iPhone 5 nearly one hundred percent of the time and edit using Instagram on my phone or iPhoto on my computer.  I am not very photo savvy so just the basics are fine for read more