The Portrait Series: 4/52



These days, everything is a battle between the goodies and the badies.
Watching Peppa Pig.
The other day Charlie asked us, if we had to be a sea creature what sea creature would we be.
He decided on crab, I said seal, and Lydia picked whale.
The Charlie wanted to know what kind of whale Lyddie would be.
He gave her some options…humpback whale, blue whale, new south whale.
I am still chuckling!

And we made it through our first week of school!
The transition from read more

The Portrait Series: 3/52



Under the house.
It is a part of the Queensland existence.
For those of you who aren’t from the Sunshine State, traditional cottages were built on stumps – basically the houses are raised, supported by telephone poles.
Some houses are raised less than a metre, others are suspended many metres above the ground.
If your house is raised high enough, under the house is kind of like an outdoor basement or garage.
A dusty place for the washing machine, the lawn mower, tools, and read more

The Portrait Series: 2/52



Hot days = cold showers
I had forgotten how thick and fast the tantrums come.
I can’t remember what this particular one was about.
Most likely having to share.
Or something totally illogical like getting wet whilst in the shower.
The mind of a two year old.
I can’t make up my mind if it would be a totally fabulous or totally terrifying place!
Meanwhile, all of a sudden Charlie is totally into Power Rangers.
I don’t even know when he encountered them, but all he wants to do is read more

The Portrait Series: 1/52



Alternate title: My Kids Need Haircuts.
Another year, another portrait series!

I always find this time of year a bit challenging.
I love the slow and mostly aimless days.
But I also want to dive head first into the new year.
With the kids home on holidays (Lyddie’s child care closes for three weeks at Christmas), I always feel a bit stuck.
I keep telling myself that once the kids are back in school, I will once again have time and space…and the house will once again read more

The Portrait Series: 52/52



When your mom just wants to get a good photo of you and your brother in your matching outfits but you are furious that you are wearing your shoes and not your brother’s shoes.
Occasionally immediately after she wakes, but usually sometime soon after breakfast, Lyddie starts demanding, “Charlie clothes.”
This means she wants to get dressed in Charlie’s clothes.
Literally Charlie’s clothes.
Size 5 boys clothes.
I am not phased by the gender thing.  Tee shirts and shorts are read more