Brisbane Postpartum Provisions Cooking Classes!


Postpartum Provisions

We typically put a lot of effort into planning for our baby.
The nursery, the car seat, the pram, the teeny tiny clothes.

We may put a fair bit of consideration into planning for our birth.
An antenatal class, some reading, creating birth preferences, packing a hospital bag.

We might devote a bit of attention to breastfeeding.
Watching some videos, talking to friends, Googling lactation biscuits, buying some nursing bras.

But we usually don’t think about postpartum at all!
And we should!
Those first few days, weeks, and months are HARD!

While we are falling in love with our baby, learning how to breastfeeding, and generally adjusting to life as a mother – we are grateful for all of the teeny tiny clothes, the baby blankets, and the bunches of flowers gifted to us – but what we really need is SUPPORT.
We need rest.
We need nourishing food.

And while I may not be able to help you with the rest (other than adding my voice to the sleep when the baby sleeps chorus), I can certainly help make your pospartum easier and more enjoyable by helping you prepare and by providing you with a week’s worth of delicious and nutritious food!

Here’s how this works!

A group of women…I imagine most will be pregnant but it is not a requirement (feel free to bring along a not pregnant friend…especially a friend who will let you take her share of the cook up home with you)…will come together and cook up big batches of traditional postpartum meals.

And while we cook, we will chat.
The focus of this class is definitely food…but while the food is bubbling away, I will provide some education around breastfeeding and we will discuss how you can create a postpartum where you feel calm and connected.
Meeting with other women who are in the same place you are – nearing the end of their pregnancy, unsure of what lies ahead, looking for solidarity – is incredibly reassuring.  During those early days of motherhood (and especially during those long nights) it can feel like you are alone…but you are not alone.  Connecting with other women and beginning to expand your village allows you to realise this.

Once the food is cooked, we will package it up and each woman will have a week’s worth of breakfasts, snacks, and mains to take home and pop in the freezer.  Feel free to put encouraging messages on your containers so when you reheat them at the end of a challenging day, you will remember that there are other women out there who are doing exactly what you are doing and are feeling exactly the way you are feeling

What will you cook?

I am glad that you asked!  I love talking about food…almost as much as I love talking about birth!

Before I give you the food options, please let me explain how vital good food is to a successful postpartum period.

You need nutrients to replace what you lost over the course of your pregnancy and during birth…not to mention the nutrients that will go into your breastmilk.  Postpartum depletion is real!  And it is also easily avoided!

You also need comfort.  Sleep deprivation, hormones, uncertainty about all that motherhood entails…the feeling of assurance and joy that comes from a good bowl of food cannot be underestimated.

The food we cook is nutrient dense and delicious.  The recipes are loosely based on Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions, both of which prize warming, blood building ingredients which help to boost circulation and digestion.

During the postpartum period, time seems to shift, what were established routines fluctuate, and you might find yourself eating a first breakfast at midnight, craving something savoury first thing in the morning, and then wanting a second breakfast around lunch time.  This menu has been designed with that variation in mind.  The flavours are subtle, the ingredients are gentle, and the meals are intended to be enjoyed at any time of day.

These meals will support your milk supply, provide you with much needed energy, and soothe your strained nerves.
Simply put, this food tastes great and will help you handle everything that new motherhood throws at you!

Mango and Orange Chia Pots
Berry Baked Oatmeal

Simply Nourishing Red Lentil Dahl
Zucchini Almond Comfort Soup

Foundation Lactation Bars
Peanut Buttery Coconut Chocolate Chippy Granola

Wednesday 8 May
10:00am t0 12:00pm
The Golden Pig
38 Ross Street
$125.00 per person

Everything you need is supplied.
However I do ask that you bring your own containers (or at least bring a few of your own) so we can reduce the amount of single use plastic involved.
The exact menu and the amount of food made depends on the number attending.  I will do my best to ensure that everyone takes home five breakfasts, five mains, and five snacks.  The more women who join us, the more food there will be…so invite a friend!
I will also do my best to accommodate different dietary needs.  When booking, please let me know of any requirements and we can talk about alternatives.