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The Beyond Birth Postpartum Program is for you if are feeling anxious about the changes that being a mother will bring.
This program will help you deal with the physical, emotional, and social changes of parenthood, leaving you confident that you will thrive as a mother.

Brisbane postpartum doula

The confidence that you gain with me by your side as your postpartum doula allows you to enjoy a safe, supportive, calm postpartum period that will benefit you and your baby both now and in the future.

With me by your side:

  • You will trust yourself as the expert in this situation.
    You will know that you are informed, prepared, capable of making considered decisions, and able to serve as an advocate for your baby and for yourself.
  • You will feel in control, able to make choices that meet your needs as well as your baby’s
  • You will feel composed, ready to embrace mothering a newborn so that you can enjoy your postpartum experience.
  • You will feel confident dealing with the profound changes that occur after birth so that you can more quickly adjust to this new way of being.
  • You will feel connected not only to your baby but also to yourself. You will know what you need to do to care for yourself while you are also caring for another.
  • You won’t feel alone. You will come to realise that your new normal is in fact very normal!  Through me, you will meet other new mothers, you will begin to establish your village, and your eyes will be opened to a supportive and encouraging community.

Brisbane postpartum doula

Why is this time so important?

After many weeks of pregnancy and many hours of labour, postpartum arrives. This six week period is a time of amazing intensity and massive adjustment…you and your baby are establishing a relationship, rhythms, routines, and ways of being in the world.

The postpartum period is also referred to as the fourth trimester. That terminology is intentional and important.  It is vital that you extend yourself the same considerations that you did over the first three trimesters…listening to your body, caring for yourself, establishing nourishing and nurturing habits.

In other places around the world, postpartum is a period of healing and adjustment. For the first forty days, the surrounding community relieves the new mother of her responsibilities…they provide her with traditional meals, facilitate rest, allow the time and the space for her to be slowly initiated into her new role – that of a thriving mother.

How does the Beyond Birth program work?

I draw from these time honoured postpartum practices to ensure that your body, mind, and sense of self recover from birth.

In a modern sense, I work with you to put a plan in place that will move you from feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of motherhood to feeling calm, confident, and in control.

These plans are personalised and so look different for every new mother, but there are commonalities.

  • Feeding the family: You may be done growing a baby, but you are still nourishing a baby and you also need to nourish yourself! I prepare and deliver homemade meals intended to help you recover from birth.
  • Breastfeeding support: Breastfeeding is a unique relationship, different for every mama and baby. I provide you with practical support and reassuring encouragement you as you and your baby forge that relationship.
  • Settling and sleeping: The newest, tiniest member of the family sets the schedule for the entire household! I help you understand newborn sleeping patterns, recognise tired signs, and settle your baby.
  • Connecting to yourself: For many mothers, the joy of your baby’s arrival is accompanied by other, harder feelings. Suddenly you have this new aspect to your identity, yet the old you is still right there.  The immediate shift from “me” to “mother” can be hard to reconcile.  Add that that feelings of isolation, loneliness, and the ever-present fatigue of early parenthood, and you end up with a confused, disappointed, frustrated new mother.  But with me by your side, you will be able to recognise that motherhood is an opportunity for enormous positive change.  Guided mediations help you stay connected to yourself, relax, and to release apprehensions about your new role.
  • Birth debrief: Talk about your birth experience, share the good, the bad, and the ugly!
  • General support: I am an extra set of hands when yours are so very full. Allow me to hold your baby while you shower…or perhoas you would like me to run you a relaxing herbal bath.  We can chat about your birth while I fold your laundry.  I am even happy to entertain siblings or take your dog for a walk!

Brisbane postpartum doula

Why me?

This is absolutely for you if you want the guidance of someone who has been exactly where you are now…pregnant, overwhelmed, overjoyed at the prospect of having a baby but unsure of what life will look like once that baby is in her arms.

I already know you will invest in giving your baby the best start.  I am sure your nursery is already filling up with baby monitors, baby swings, and baby carriers.

But you deserve the best start too.

As a nurse, my familiarity with birth and with the medical system means that I know what you need to recover from birth.  I can help you heal, rest, understand your birth experience, and facilitate referrals if necessary.

As an ex hedge fund trader and an expat, I truly understand what it is like to move from a place of total control to one of total chaos.  I know how hard the transition to motherhood is, what it is like not to have family around, and how important the right support is.

Ask yourself how you want motherhood to feel.
Know that overwhelm, stress, and exhaustion do not have to be a part of your transition to motherhood.

Imagine leaving hospital and coming home to a safe, supportive, healing environment where even though things may be clumsy, confusing, and imperfect, you still feel good.  You feel in control.  And you feel like you are thriving as a mother.

What’s involved?

Before your baby arrives, I will help you determine how you want your postpartum to look and to feel and I will guide you as you set some intentions for this time.  Those intentions will evolve into a postpartum plan that ensures you feel confident about your first forty days and your transition to motherhood.  Just like a birth plan, this postpartum plan is flexible and dynamic…part of the value of the plan lies in exploring how you feel about postpartum, communicating to your partner and your family how to best support you, and acknowledging that you always have choices.

Once your baby has arrived, I visit you weekly for either three or six weeks.  During these visits we may discuss breastfeeding, sleeping, infant massage, self-care or I may facilitate rest, an herbal bath, a guided meditation. You will also receive homemade meals (in the Ayurvedic tradition if you prefer), recorded meditations, and individualised self-care gifts.

You also have access to unlimited phone and email support so you can ask questions as they come up and we can adjust your plan according to your changing situation and needs.

Ready to make a plan that enables you to feel supported and prepared?

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