The Portrait Series: 5/52


Little kids in a big forest.
We went for a hike today.
I use the word hike very loosely.
I suppose we went for a very short walk in the rain forest.
Lydia fell asleep about five minutes before we pulled into the national forest parking lot.
She was cranky when we woke her up.
She refused to wear shoes.
She walked for about one minute before stubbing her toe and demanding to be carried.
Charlie got stung by something and his finger and hand turned blotchy red and white read more

Free To Be Me Time – Part Two

Me Time Self Care Motherhood


If you like, you can read part one here.

The necessity of me time is well established.
I actually think we are all too aware of the concept of self care and how you can’t pour from an empty cup.
We have become so accustomed to the calls for me time that they now sound like background noise and are therefore easy either to discount or to ignore entirely.
You may think that me time is for mothers who have more support.
You may think that it is rubbish to call simply taking a read more

The Portrait Series: 4/52



These days, everything is a battle between the goodies and the badies.
Watching Peppa Pig.
The other day Charlie asked us, if we had to be a sea creature what sea creature would we be.
He decided on crab, I said seal, and Lydia picked whale.
The Charlie wanted to know what kind of whale Lyddie would be.
He gave her some options…humpback whale, blue whale, new south whale.
I am still chuckling!

And we made it through our first week of school!
The transition from read more

Free To Be Me Time – Part One

Motherhood Self Care Me Time

Although I didn’t recognise it at the time, before I had children, my entire life was me time.
I mostly ate what I wanted to eat, when I wanted to eat it.
I managed to fit in and enjoy daily exercise.
I went to the movies regularly.
I read books.
I spent afternoons casually browsing at my favourite shops.
I watched entire TV series, from start to finish without missing an episode.
I even went to the bathroom when I needed to go, and without an audience!

I was pretty good at me read more

The Portrait Series: 3/52



Under the house.
It is a part of the Queensland existence.
For those of you who aren’t from the Sunshine State, traditional cottages were built on stumps – basically the houses are raised, supported by telephone poles.
Some houses are raised less than a metre, others are suspended many metres above the ground.
If your house is raised high enough, under the house is kind of like an outdoor basement or garage.
A dusty place for the washing machine, the lawn mower, tools, and read more