Cloth Nappies

Just a quick word on cloth nappies…I really wanted to love them…but I don’t.At the start of this whole baby thing I decided that I would use cloth nappies…I thought both economically and environmentally it was the responsible thing to do. So I went to my local cloth nappy store…yes there is such a thing…and got the low down on cloth diapers. I had seen the all in one nappies and thought they seemed manageable in terms of washing and ease of use…I definitely wanted a cloth diaper read more

Learn it, Live it, Love it: The Five S’s

I was speaking to Daddy R last night about what he thought the best bit of parenting advice we received was and he said definitely the Five S’s. As Baby C is four and a half months old we are past the Five S’s stage and so I had kind of forgotten about them…although I forget everything these days including to press the button in the elevator so that the lift actually moves. Anyway, I digress, the Five S’s. What are they? Read on and all will be revealed.When I was pregnant a friend read more

List-mania – Part 3 – Cribs

3. CribI apologize in advance if this entry is a bit vague…I am feeling a bit vague at the moment as Baby C decided to go on a sleeping strike today. He was awake for over SEVEN HOURS. Then he decided to sleep for a whopping thirty three minutes. Then awake for another two hours. He is currently asleep but for how long is anyone’s guess.Although I suppose this talk about sleep is somewhat relevant as the topic du jour is cribs. It is going to be so hard for me to get through this post read more

List-mania – Part 2 – Prams

2. PramsJust to start…I suppose I should have mentioned this earlier…but as an American living in Australia my language has become very polluted. I use Australian and American terms interchangeably and really at this point can’t remember which country uses which word. Some baby examples: pram and stroller, nappy and diaper, dummy and pacifier, I have no idea what Australians call them but I use onesie to mean a one piece baby outfit. Anyway, back to prams…or strollers.As an ex-New Yorker read more

Single Most Useful Baby Tool

While I am thinking of it…and while Baby C is asleep…I thought I would write about what I have found to be the single most useful baby tool. Wait for it…the Total Baby iphone application!I know old school mothers out there are shaking their heads that there is an iphone application to help you manage your baby but seriously this thing has been a life saver. You just click when you start feeding, click when you end, click when the baby falls asleep, click when he wakes up…same for read more