Bringing Up Baby – Tips and Hints

While I am thinking of it, here are some tips and hints that I have discovered along the way.1. Hand towelsI founds hand towels to be very…well, handy.  As I mentioned in the bath time post, putting a hand towel in the back of the baby tub makes it much easier to hang onto the greased watermelon that is your baby.  I still have a hand towel stashed under my pillow in case of night time boob leaks.  An aside, everyone talks about how great it is when your baby starts sleeping through the read more

List-mania – Part 6 – Bathing

Rub a dub dub, baby is in the tub.Or rather in the bucket.  At least that is what we bathed Baby C in for the first two weeks.  Keep in mind this was not a fancy “tummy tub” bucket…it was actually more of a bowl.  It was given to Baby C by work colleagues…usually we donate the unused bowls to animal shelters but this one was donated to the Baby C cause.  Anyway the first few weeks…or months really…you don’t need to bathe your baby all that often.  All newborns do is sleep, eat read more

I can always unframe it…

Daddy R and I were watching The Office the other day…the one where Pam is pregnant and crying while watching dog commercials…and I said something along the lines of at least I wasn’t like that when I was pregnant and Daddy R said yes you were just like that.  He said while I wasn’t super emotional and crying at work I was at times unreasonable.  I, of course, have no recollection of ever being unreasonable!That got us talking about our different perspectives about the pregnancy read more

List-mania – Part 5 – Diapers

Since we just talked about diaper surprises I thought I would write about what you need to change your baby…diapers are really only the beginning!1. Change TableFirst up, a changing table.  You don’t actually need the whole table as you can really change your baby anywhere.  One of my friends, Mommy C, has a changing pad and a basket full of diapers and wipes and other goodies and she just changes her baby on the bed or on the table or on the floor.  We are talking about pee and poo read more

The Four Month Mark

I absolutely cannot believe that Baby C is almost five months old.  How did that happen?  In another five  months he will be ten months…that is almost a year old!  I will be the mother of a one year old!Anyway, now that we are almost at the end of four months I can say that the fourth month is a huge month.  It seems like the baby we had at the beginning of the fourth month is completely different from the baby we have at the end of the fourth month.At the beginning read more