I remember being pregnant and naively assuming that once my baby arrived, I would simply carry on being myself…with my baby in tow.
I liked being myself.
I wasn’t wanting or expecting motherhood to change me.

I was wrong.

After I emerged from the haze that is life with a newborn, I found myself searching.
At first I wasn’t sure what I was searching for, but then I realised I was searching for myself.
I had lost myself in motherhood.
Where did I go?
Me…the unique woman with hopes and dreams not related to her child, but of her own?
How do I find her amongst the endless nappies and laundry?

I tried looking for myself in different places.
Was I back at work?
Perhaps studying would return me to myself?
The inspirational community I found through blogging put me on a solid path.
Becoming first a hypnobirthing practitioner and then a postpartum doula helped me define myself and refine my search.
I returned to activities that I loved. Jogging, Pilates, baking.
I tried new things. Meditation, iPhoneography, engaging in creative collaboration.

It became clear that motherhood had completely reshaped me.
Having an empowering hypnobirth was the catalyst for my change.
A calm labour and a few almighty pushes proved that I could trust my intuition and that I am strong.
Surrendering to the needs of a newborn taught me many lessons. Patience, the ability to ask for help, the importance of caring for myself.
Stepping back as that newborn grew into a curious toddler and then an independent child allowed me the space to see that I had grown too.
The pre-baby woman still exists…but she has been improved by pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.
I believe in my capabilities, I embrace my femininity, I know I deserve to be happy.

We only get one opportunity to birth and to raise our children.
We only get one opportunity to live our lives.
I am here to help you balance those two and create one enjoyable and enriching experience!

Sound good?
Let’s meet!


I Believe:

Birth matters.
Birth is a crucial part of a mother’s story and of her child’s story.

Birth is powerful.
The strength you find through birthing gives you self-knowledge and self-confidence.

Women need to rally behind other women.
We need to restore one another, energise one another, inspire one another. We all have something to give.

Mothers can be joyful women.
We are fun, stylish, we kick our heels up, we laugh!

When you need help, gather your village!
Most problems can be solved with good friends and any combination of coffee, tea, red wine, gin and ice cream!

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A Bit More About Me:

I am American. But I have called Brisbane home for the past ten years. More than anything, I miss American grocery stores. Or rather I miss what they are filled with…Cinnamon Toast Crunch, real lemonade, and Pepper Jack cheese.

I love a good coffee…a flat white extra hot or an iced latte depending on the season.

I hate camping. I could perhaps come to terms with glamping.

Welcome to our village!

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Caitlin is a hypnobirthing practitioner, a postpartum doula, and a passionate and supportive life coach for mothers.
She aims to help pregnant women start their mothering journey in a positive manner, to help mothers navigate those first crucial weeks, and to help mothers who are seeking to rediscover themselves.
With degrees in Psychology, Nursing, a graduate certificate in Professional Education, a certificate in Childbirth Education, a certificate in Postpartum Professional Services, and with unwavering enthusiasm and heart, Caitlin guides mothers who are looking first for a beautiful birth and then for balance.
Caitlin believes that mothers are not simply mothers.  That when you give birth, you give birth to a baby and to a new you.  That with self-compassion, community, and support the new you can flourish.
Mothers can balance their everyday demands with their dreams.
She has been named one of Kidspot’s Top 90 Bloggers of 2014 and one of Kidspot’s Top 30 Parenting Bloggers of 2015.
She writes for Kidspot and has been a member of the parenting panel on 612 ABC’s Mornings with Steve Austin.
She is the owner of Hypnobirthing Brisbane and of Mother Down Under Postpartum Doula.
Connect with Caitlin at Mother Down Under, Facebook, and Instagram.